John Lennon and Andy Warhol. 1972.

John Lennon and Andy Warhol. 1972.

you shouldn’t have been listening.
i wasn’t, i didn’t need to — that was me talking.


i will step on every crunchy leaf and nobody can stop me


I wanna be in that relationship were I can just do the stupidest shit. Like legit, dance in public with me, make faces at me, do accents with me, hell, make fun of my bad habits in a funny way. I don’t care, just have fun with me.

Members of fun. with a special greeting for my little sister Rebeca. I promised her and they accepted (to do it) although the security guard didn’t want it (to happen). Jack Antonoff said to the security guard “I want to  make that video, she’s my fan”. Incredible night. Thank you vey much fun. x